Dell G16 2023 Review: Affordable Gaming Laptop Performance Analysis

Dell G16 2023 review

Dell recently launched its redesigned G16 gaming laptop that delivers performance for the price. In this Dell G16 2023 review, we learned that this gaming beast can run everything from demanding AAA titles to first-person shooters. But is it worth the expense? Read on to find out.

Dell G16 2023 review


Relatively affordable

Great display

Decent performance


Battery life


Sound quality


The Dell G16 2023 costs Rs 1,70,790 in India.

The new Dell G16 uses RTX 4060 graphic card and Intel 13 Generation CPU.

In the Dell G16 review, we find that even demanding games run decently on it.

When it comes to gaming laptops, there are some trusted brands that come to mind. Dell is one of them. Dell is popular among gamers for its powerful Alienware series. However, Alienware is expensive. To meet the needs of gamers looking for an affordable option, Dell introduced the G series of gaming laptops. Recently, the G-16 2023 laptop was launched with some impressive specs on paper. So, when I got the chance to test the G16 gaming laptop with high-end specs and a relatively affordable price, I played some favourite titles. Remember this experience.

Dell G16 2023 is priced at Rs. 1,61,990 and is suitable for gamers on a budget. We all know how expensive gaming laptops are. Hence, compared to the price of Rs. 1,70,790 seems reasonable. Read this review to find out.

Dell G16 2023: Design and display

The Dell G16 7630 is a slim and stylish laptop similar to the previous generation of his Dell G16 released in 2022. This year’s G16 is available in his two-colour options: Metallic Nightshade and Quantum White. I tried the metallic nightshade colour option and I think it looks really nice.

Although the laptop looks compact, it is quite heavy. It weighs nearly 3 kg and is impossible to carry with one hand. However, it should also be noted that gaming laptops are said to be bulkier compared to traditional laptops, and gaming stations tend to hold their laptops.

There are two USB Type-A ports on the right and an Ethernet port and a 3mm jack on the left. Very convenient for connecting gaming headphones. There is a USB Type-C display port, an HDMI port and a USB Type-A port at the back. There is also a charging port. The upper right corner is adorned with a beautiful RGB-illuminated letter G, conveying the gamer’s mood. There are ventilation slots at both ends, the back and the keyboard deck.

The keyboard deck features an RGB backlit keyboard controlled by the Alienware Command centre. The keyboard feels a little thin. Therefore, be careful not to hit the keys too hard while playing. However, keyboard typing is fun. Below the keys is a small trackpad. It’s great, but I really don’t like the small size. So, the 13-inch MacBook Air, half like the G16, has a larger trackpad.

The display features a 16-inch QHD display with narrow bezels for an immersive gaming experience. The display is crisp and vibrant, making game footage look crisp and clear. However, the brightness is only 300 nits. Many gamers prefer a dark room to daylight, but think the display should be a little brighter. Because it seems difficult to explore in the dark. Apart from that, the display features of laptop are 165Hz refresh rate, which will give you a smooth experience while playing favourite games.

Dell G16 2023: General Performance And Battery

Where the G16 shines is in performance. The device I tested is powered by an Intel Core i7-13650HX processor and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card. Besides gaming, I also used the laptop for work, streaming OTT content, and occasional video editing. In all scenarios, the notebook exceeded expectations in terms of performance.

I usually have a lot of tabs open while I work, and the laptop’s large screen and super smooth performance make it easier. My favourite movies and sitcoms looked great when streaming OTT content, and I didn’t experience any lag when editing videos with apps.

However, I felt that the speakers were a little disappointing. Treble is fine, but if you’re looking for more bass, you might be disappointed. The speaker volume fills the room, but I wish it had more clarity and “boom”.

This laptop also lacks Windows Hello IR facial recognition or fingerprint recognition, It is not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice to have them. I also ran the laptop through some benchmark tests and the results were pretty good.

The notebook achieved 1,779 points in the Cinebench single-core CPU test and 12,568 points in the multi-core CPU test.

To test the laptop’s graphics capabilities, we used an overlapping benchmark test.

In the superimposed benchmark test at 1080p high graphics settings, the notebook achieved 9156 points. The minimum FPS was 39 and the average was 68.48.

In the superposition benchmark test with 4K optimized settings, the value was 5240. The minimum FPS was 27 and the average FPS was 39. As for the battery, this is an area where I think there is room for improvement. The laptop barely lasted him an hour and a half when streaming YouTube videos. I didn’t play any games during this time. However, gaming laptops aren’t expected to have particularly long battery life, so Dell can be a little more lenient in this regard.

During the game, he lost 20% of his battery in just 10 minutes. Additionally, when my laptop was almost out of space and I couldn’t play some demanding games, my FPS dropped significantly. Therefore, it is recommended that you always use your laptop while charging it.

Dell G16 2023: Gaming Experience

So, let’s quickly talk about some of the games I played on the G16 and the overall experience.

I played Forza Horizon 4 for the first time and was really surprised at how great all the cars looked. Using ultra-dynamic render quality settings and short motion blur, the average FPS we achieved was around 70-80. The lowest FPS value was 60 and the highest was 90.

After adjusting the settings, a bit and setting it to High Graphics, my average FPS was around 110 and never went below 100. At medium graphics settings, the average FPS was around 120 and the lowest was 90.

The next game I tried was Red Dead Redemption, a very demanding game that can make a variety of laptops sweat. Average FPS was around 50 on Ultra, the highest graphics setting, and would drop to 34 at times, but the game was playable and there were no lags. However, at medium graphics settings, the FPS is 100-120, which is quite impressive.

My favourite game on this laptop was Doom: Eternal. We also achieved an impressive FPS of around 200 on Ultra Nightmare graphics settings and 250 on High graphics settings.

GTA V was also a smooth gaming experience, with his FPS values around 100 at medium graphics settings and around 60-70 at highest graphics settings.

For Resident Evil Village, the average FPS was 100-120 with default graphics settings. After optimizing the graphics settings and setting them to the highest, I got an average FPS of 45.

The graphics settings are fine when it comes to playing demanding AAA titles, while first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and Doom are an absolute joy to play on this laptop.

It’s also a quiet device, so you won’t be bothered by excessive fan noise. It handles heat well, and while the keyboard gets warm after hours of gaming, it never gets too hot.

Dell G16 2023, Should You Buy?

So, should you buy the Dell G16? If you love first-person shooter games and are looking for a gaming laptop under Rs 2 lakh, this is a great choice for you. A gaming laptop can easily cost Rs. 400,000, so Dell G16 is a performance monster in this price range. Hence, it is a good choice for gamers on a tight budget.

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